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Why Graham wants to become a RLSS UK Trustee and why RLSS UK members should vote for him.

Having joined my local RLSS club three decades ago, I have progressed through the lifesaving awards right up to distinction level, and I have become a Lifesaving T/A, Lifesaving Instructor Tutor and NBLQ TA. I have benefited directly from my involvement, not only from the skills I have learned and the social enjoyment but I have also gained employment as a Pool and Beach Lifeguard through my time in college. I am always trying to give back to my club and the RLSS as whole, so I am now the Treasurer of my club and the Ireland Branch Lifesaving Coordinator, and I would now like to progress on and give back at the Trustee level.

I am passionate about drowning prevention and I believe that I have the skills, knowledge and experience required to be an effective charity trustee. Being a member of an RLSS Lifesaving Club in Ireland I hope to bring an international perspective to the Trustee Board. It is my hope to help the organisation achieve its 2020 goal of being the go to organisation for drowning prevention as a world leader in lifeguarding and lifesaving and to influence the reduction of global drownings.

I believe that the local volunteer clubs are essential in successfully achieving these goals and it is my intention to push at all levels to ensure that clubs are fully supported in achieving their goals.

The specialist skills, knowledge and experience that Graham will bring to the RLSS UK Trustee role and how this will help RLSS UK Trustee Board’s effectiveness.

Some of the specialist skills, knowledge and experience that I will bring to the RLSS Trustee role are my involvement at the highest levels in university sports organisations, my career is mostly R&D based and I have had success in applying for grants for my lifesaving club:

  • I am a Mechanical Engineer working in the Marine Science industry. The majority of the work I do is research and development based including designing new products (data buoys, seabed frames) and analysis of marine data (currents, waves, wind, etc).
  • I held the committee roles of Treasurer and Chairperson in my college Swimming and Waterpolo Club. I was the Secretary and then President with the Irish University Swimming and Waterpolo Association Executive Committee (IUSWA) with overall responsibility for organising the Celtic Nations University Swimming and Waterpolo competition between Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • I was the Student Sports Representative on my college’s Student Sport and Recreational Support Committee and I was the Student Sports Representative on the Council for University Sports Association Ireland (CUSAI) where I represented all 3rd level students in Ireland.
  • In 2017 I was successful in applying for a major sports equipment grant for my lifesaving club from our local County Council for the amount of €3,500.


It is my hope to bring these skills, knowledge and experience to the Trustee role to ensure that RLSS is progressing forward in achieving its goals for 2020 with particular focus on support for volunteer clubs and drowning prevention on an international scale.

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Why Bryan wants to become a RLSS UK Trustee and why RLSS UK members should vote for him.

I have been involved with the Society for over 25 years as a volunteer at club, Branch, Region and as a Trustee of RLSS UK. During which time I have gained a unique understanding of how the charity operates I have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise essential to this role. Working with volunteers as well as those in other branches I understand the needs of the society across the UK and Ireland and that we must tailor our offering specifically.

I will continue to drive the society’s ambitions forward in its aims to reduce drownings in the UK and Ireland;

  • Create a fully inclusive and accessible Society which engages current members and volunteers as well as new people to join us and grow with us, to prevent drowning across the UK and Ireland
  • Encourage participation from all areas of society ensuring we extend our reach into areas where we don’t have a footprint or, as a charity, by raising our profile we can save more lives.
  • Develop the drowning prevention campaigns so that they can become stronger and more widely delivered. The society has an enormous wealth of expertise and knowledge within our membership.  Using this expertise, our members, can support the staff team to further enhance the provision of these campaigns.
  • See that our vocational qualifications expand further to include a career development framework that is robust and is the ‘gold standard’, recognised worldwide, where the NPLQ can truly be an industry world leader


The specialist skills, knowledge and experience that Bryan will bring to the RLSS UK Trustee role and how this will help RLSS UK Trustee Board’s effectiveness.

I’ve have been a RLSS trustee and fully aware of the role and responsibilities.  As a trustee, I am a member of the Assurance Committee looking at good governance and with my skills set I am keen to support and improve a more robust clinical framework.

I am currently the National Resilience Manager for the Scottish Ambulance service.

This involves strategic planning and understanding the need for robust governance and sound plans to drive projects forward.   I know the importance of clear objectives that are transparent and the need to be accountable for action and decisions taken at board level.

I have supported the development of initiatives at various level and in particular at government where we are seeing more and more traction. Through these key contacts and experience that I have gained, I can bring a richer perspective of what we need to do as a charity to be the lead organisation.

These transferable skills in the role of being a trustee. Good governance is vital in achieving good outcomes for the society’s members,

Having been a trustee for RLSS UK I have

  • Actively participated in discussions
  • Actively Be stuck in with Activities locally and nationally;
  • Sought clarification when needed;
  • Absorbed and analysed information;
  • Willing to critically question and challenge advisers Challenge productivity when required;
  • Be assertive without being aggressive;
  • Use informed judgement and common sense in decision-making
  • Supported charity campaigns and even been a Perry the Mascot for the day

Why Suzanne wants to become a RLSS UK Trustee and why RLSS UK members should vote for her.

Swimming has always been a part of my life; a competitive swimmer, water polo player and synchronised swimmer it was a natural fit to begin teaching swimming and lifeguarding at 16. I fundamentally believe in educating the communities within the UK the importance of water safety. We have an obligation to children and families to teach as many individuals how to swim safely in bodies of water. After attending the World Drowning Prevention Conference 2017, I was inspired to introduce water safety skills in all stages in Learn to Swim programme at Parkwood Leisure (current employer) to ensure all children are given the skills they need to survive in all bodies of water. I would like to be a member on the Board Trustees because my passion for water safety coincides with ethos of the charity. I will work towards lowering the drowning rate within this country and creating higher awareness of swim safety.

I previously studied Business and Sports Science at Trinity Western University, and have worked within the leisure industry for 16 years.  I have lifeguarded, coached, and managed multiple pools within three Countries (Canada, USA and Australia), with the UK now making it four (I am currently the National Aquatics Manager for Parkwood Leisure). I hold both commonwealth RLSS and UK RLSS qualifications. The exposure I had had to multiple different lifesaving skills within these countries has given me a unique insight into the lifesaving world which will add value to help the RLSS reach its goals.

The specialist skills, knowledge and experience that Suzanne will bring to the RLSS UK Trustee role and how this will help RLSS UK Trustee Board’s effectiveness.

My greatest asset I would bring to the role of a Trustee is my international experience working as a lifeguard with various lifesaving organisations. This has given me great insight into best practice and I would aim to help the RLSS achieve its goals at being an international leader amongst the water safety world.

I have a good working knowledge of the education sector having previously worked as the South West Regional Manager for Fit for Sport. I worked alongside multiple school boroughs and leisure providers to educate children on the importance of getting active. As part of this role I remained up to date on child safeguarding regulations, EYFS and VCR OFSTED registers. I understand school funding and their fiscal year and the opportunity for partnership with the RLSS.

I currently work for a large national operator managing 44 pool programmes across England and Wales. I will be able to give good insight into the obstacles facing the industry and how best the RLSS can address these challenges and improve safety. One of my main KPI’s is to increase interest and participation in swimming. I would hope to translate success I’m having in the corporate world into success in promoting the RLSS brand and water safety across the UK. I work closely with the marketing and operations department to implement successful campaigns which target a variety of audiences.

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Why Karl wants to become a RLSS UK Trustee and why RLSS UK members should vote for him.

I’m a Health and Safety Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the Leisure sector, throughout this period I’ve worked in both the public and private sector. My background started in Operations Management before heading into the Health & Safety world.

The RLSS are a fantastic organisation and I’ve been very impressed over the years, with their campaigns especially drown prevention. I would like to join the RLSS Trustee board as I feel I could add value to the board and would like to be part of the exiting journey the RLSS are currently heading towards.

As part of the RLSS duties I would be keen to ensure that the RLSS maintains its key strategic direction and continues to be the leading organisation in drowning prevention.

I believe that I could also act in the RLSS best interest and would not put my current employment loyalty first, whatever decision is made I would fully respect and support the RLSS to ensure it achieves its target and goals.

I would be willing to take annual leave from my currently employment if required. This to ensure that I could attend and pre-pare for any meetings and away days.

I understand that it is important that the RLSS sustain their varied income model which in turn enables the organisation to focus on ‘reducing drowning’ for this to continue it is important that all resources are managed responsibly and something that I would fully support.

The specialist skills, knowledge and experience that Karl will bring to the RLSS UK Trustee role and how this will help RLSS UK Trustee Board’s effectiveness.

As a leisure specialist and a strong background in Health & Safety I would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of Governance, Risk & Quality, if I was successful I would really like to participate in the Assurance Committee. Aside from that I have worked in the Local authority sector for a number of years and fully aware of their local agenda with government cuts to budgets. A key goal would be working with other divisions of the local authorities to increase drowning prevention, for example working in conjunction with the local Environment Agencies.

Over the years I have been a volunteer and part of the committee at a local Football Club, this involved me being the key individual to achieve and maintain the ‘Charter’ standard for the Football Clubs adult and junior section, something that I was very proud of.

I’ve also been heavily involved in grants and bids, the organisation I currently work for submitted an application for funding to the British Heart Foundation in conjunction and supported by our local ambulance services to provide Defibrillators within our all Leisure Centre’s. Again I was the lead person on this project.

From working within the private sector for the last 13 years, I have learned and fully understand the importance of having a good business background, it’s important to ensure that all business models have a feasibility study for it to succeed.

Why Alan wants to become a RLSS UK Trustee and why RLSS UK members should vote for him.

Having been involved with the RLSS for over 30 years, water safety in swimming pools has become and important part of my life. I have lifeguarded and worked in leisure since 1989 and I am currently working for the largest swimming pool management company in the UK. With over 140 wet centres my day job involves the safety and training of over 2500 lifeguard qualified staff.

Along the way I have trained staff for the Olympics in London, managed leisure centres (both wet and dry), reopened derelict Lidos and re-written more NOPs than I’d like to remember. Starting as a 16 year old with the then award of merit as a suitable qualification, I became a pool TA in 1991 and NTA a decade later. I’ve also held open water lifeguard and beach lifeguard qualifications. Our current Pool Lifeguard award is a far cry from what was acceptable in my early days. I’m proud to have brought RLSS awards back into regions of the UK where other awarding organisations had gained a foothold with their version of a lifeguard qualification. I hold teaching qualifications for adult education (Diploma in Education and Training being the most recent) and in my spare time I am a keen dinghy sailor proudly winning a race with my wife at the scorpion nationals in 2015 when she became the first female to helm a boat to a race victory in over 40 years.

The specialist skills, knowledge and experience that Alan will bring to the RLSS UK Trustee role and how this will help RLSS UK Trustee Board’s effectiveness.

With over 20 years of experience as a member of the company board I have extensive experience of teasing out the strategic aims and objectives to enable a multi faceted company to grow and prosper. Currently sitting on the audit sub committee I am frequently involved in the discussions to ensure compliance and regulation are followed across the company. I’ve also previously been on various committees and support organisations across sailing both with my home club (Chipstead) and the National Scorpion Association where I ran and organised the stand at the annual dinghy show for many years.

Strengths – 20 Years board experience, many years Audit subcommittee experience

Weaknesses – IT!

Opportunities – I can bring a commercial/operator understanding to the Drowning Prevention Charity Board.

Threats – Day job distractions.

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Why Rachel wants to become a RLSS UK Trustee and why RLSS UK members should vote for her.

At the age of 22 I have shown a commitment to the RLSS by expanding my knowledge through recognised training and qualifications. I will be assisting in coordinating events in central Scotland for our much-anticipated Drowning prevention week and I feel that that’s a crucial stage of involvement which shows my commitment and love for the work we do in this industry. I love my job and will continue to do, when it’s paid and sometimes more so when it’s voluntary.

The specialist skills, knowledge and experience that Rachel will bring to the RLSS UK Trustee role and how this will help RLSS UK Trustee Board’s effectiveness.

I have obtained my Trainer Assessor and I currently teach Rookie (bronze, silver and gold). I also enjoying volunteering my time to immerse myself in new training techniques to better by skill set. I want to be able to continually develop myself to provide the most accurate education to my local community and beyond and as a trustee I would commit my life to ensuring that under RLSS guidelines I do this to help better the industry and assist in preventing drowning – globally.