What are RLSS UK Branches?


RLSS UK ‘Volunteer’ Branches are RLSS UK’s essential footprint in local communities

RLSS UK branches are the key to providing ‘community, evidenced-based interventions to prevent drowning’. This involves a thorough understanding of local drowning statistics together with the local knowledge that will help to formulate plans. These plans will target those who you have established are key risk communities, or geographical areas and activities that lead to the most drownings and near misses. This process will allow branches to develop local interventions that are evidence-based and have a real impact in reducing the number of drownings in the branch area.

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The RLSS UK Branch Constitution states that:

‘The Branch Management Committee must have the following three posts in place. Chair, Safeguarding Officer and Branch Administrator. The Branch Management Committee must have three individual officers present to be quorate

In addition, it is at the branches discretion to appoint members into roles that support the strategy of the branch.

Below are handbooks for each role, inclusive of Role Descriptions:

It is essential that records are kept to celebrate all of the amazing work that is achieved through branches. Following branch events and engagement it is important that time is taken to complete this quick online form.

We will over time communicate this information and it will contribute to branch prizes given out each year at the National Conference.

RLSS UK is committed to the enhancement, development and active participation of its youth members in working towards the society’s ambitions to prevent Drowning across the UK and Ireland. Over the past 5 years, the society has made huge in roads in adopting a youth culture throughout the volunteer network at all levels including clubs, branches, regions and nationally.


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