Microsoft Word - RLSS_UK_Model_Club_Constitution (1).doc

Model Club Constitution

Microsoft Word - RLSS_UK_Safeguarding_Clubs_Guidelines (1).doc

Safeguarding Clubs Guidelines

Microsoft Word - RLSS_UK_Use_of_Photographs_and_Recorded_Images

Use of Photographs and Recorded Images

Microsoft Word - Role_of_the_Club_Chairman (1).doc

Role of the Club Chairman

Microsoft Word - Role_of_the_Club_Secretary (1).doc

Role of the Club Secretary

Microsoft Word - Role_of_the_Club_Treasurer (1).doc

Role of the Club Treasurer

Microsoft Word - Role_of_the_Club_Welfare_Officer (1).doc

Role of the Club Welfare Officer

Microsoft Word - Role_of_the_Club_Youth_Officer (1).doc

Role of the Club Youth Officer

Microsoft Word - RLSS_UK_Code_of_Ethics_and_Conduct (1).doc

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Microsoft Word - Club_Details_Form (2).doc

Club Details Form

Microsoft Word - The_dos_and_don'ts_of_meetings (1).doc

The dos and don’ts of meetings

Microsoft Word - Club_Membership_Form (1).doc

Club Membership Form

Microsoft Word - Community_Engagement_Toolkit (3).doc

Community Engagement Toolkit

Microsoft Word - Equity_Policy_Statement (2).doc

Equity Policy Statement

Microsoft Word - Minute_template (1).doc

Minute Template

Microsoft Word - Club_Attendance_Register (1).doc

Club Attendance Register

Microsoft Word - Club_Development_Plan (2).doc

Club Development Plan

RLSS UK Safeguarding Policy

RLSS UK Price List

RLSS UK and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)