Information required from all RLSS UK Clubs 

We need some essential information from every RLSS UK club to meet the requirements of RLSS UK’s insurers and ensure your club’s insurance cover remains valid. We ran this data collection exercise back in 2015 and are running it again now in 2017 to ensure we have up to date information.

In short, we simply need to know if your club has an Employer Reference Number (ERN).

Please note that an answer is required from all clubs – a ‘Yes’ with an ERN supplied, or a ‘No’ to confirm that no ERN is held by the club.

It is likely that the majority of clubs will answer ‘No’. However, some clubs will answer ‘Yes’ due to having registered as an employer with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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Submit your club’s information.

Your club will only have an ERN if your club has registered as an employer with the HMRC.

An ERN is a unique set of numbers used to identify an employer. ERNs begin with three numbers (representing the tax office whose catchment area the employer falls into) followed by a forward slash and then a combination of letters and numbers. For example 123/AB12345.

It is also often referred to as an Employer PAYE Reference.

It can be found on most HMRC correspondence sent to an employer (e.g. Employer Payment Booklet; P60 forms).

From 1st January 2015, Employers’ Liability has been included within RLSS UK Club Insurance cover. 


Employers’ Liability Insurance cover was added in response to requests from clubs.  Even if your club doesn’t employ any employees, a club volunteer can potentially be legally recognised as an ‘employee’ and therefore Employers’ Liability cover is advised.

RLSS UK needs to collate club ERN information to meet the Employers’ Liability policy terms and conditions.

Click here for more information on RLSS UK Member insurance cover.

Club Name:

Club Email:

Club RLSS UK Society Number:

Is your club registered as an employer with the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)?

If YES, please provide the Employer Reference Number that the HM Revenue and Customs has issued to your club/organisation.
Employer Reference Number:

If NO (i.e. your club does not have an ERN), please provide us with one of the following reasons.

The club has no employeesAll staff employed earn below the current Pay as you Earn (PAYE) ThresholdThe club is not based in England Wales Scotland or Northern Ireland

We would like to understand more about the legal structure of your club so that we can provide appropriate advice and support to your club. Many clubs will be unincorporated associations (working to a club constitution and rules, which bind the members together and govern their operation). However, some clubs will have taken on a formal legal structure.

With regards to your club’s legal structure, please tick any of the following legal forms that apply.
Unincorporated associationIncorporated Company: Company Limited by GuaranteeIncorporated Company: Company Limited by SharesIncorporated Company: Community Interest Company (CIC)Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)Charitable Status (Registered Charity)Other (please state below)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. The information you have provided is essential for RLSS UK to ensure that your RLSS UK Club insurance cover remains valid.

If you have any queries on ERNs or RLSS UK Member Insurance, please contact [email protected] or call 01789 774492.

Check this attachment to see if your Club has submitted the required information.  Please note – this file is updated once a week (Fridays).