RLSS UK is embarking on a three-year journey to explore the level and type of support to ensure the sustainability, structure, governance and development of clubs involved in lifesaving activity.  RLSS UK Clubs are at the heart of activity and participation programme.  To ensure the health of the society long into the future we need strong, safe and sustainable clubs.

This three-year project will develop a Club Programme which is a one stop shop for all lifesaving clubs, no matter what their focus or size.  The programme aims to deliver free, convenient, practical resources to support clubs in their development while running a safe, sustainable and successful operation.

RLSS UK would like clubs to have a more active role in determining the services that they most need/value to develop.

We encourage everyone to be part of the conversation, give their view, insights and perspectives, even if these differ from others in the organisation.

Your views on anything to do with RLSS Clubs are welcome – areas include (but are not constrained to):  Club heath, Club role (what does you club do), Club membership (individual and organisation), Club governance, Volunteers, Club activity, Club facilities, Club funding, Club development.

The consultation will be open until the end of July 2017 and is access able by website, e-mail, phone, and in person, please pass the link on to your clubs and their members.