RLSS UK Conference

Date: Saturday 30 June – Sunday 1 July
Location: Jurys Inn Hinckley Island, LE10 3JA, Nationwide

Building on the success of recent years, the RLSS UK Conference is returning to Hinckley Island this summer, taking place on Saturday 30 June – Sunday 1 July.

Over the past year, we have been busy listening to you and your experience whilst volunteering and participating in RLSS UK activity.

This year we are committed to making good on our promises of delivering more and better resources, tools and awards for you to continue and grow your lifesaving activities, and we have lots of exciting new opportunities to introduce!

This year’s conference will showcase the outputs of the Non-Vocational award programme including how to integrate these into your activity, new initiatives such as Club 2020, and the ongoing membership review.

By signing up for a variety of keynotes and interactive workshops, delegates will enhance their understanding of how best to engage with these new initiatives and build on the excellent work that is currently undertaken.

We’ll be joined by keynote speakers at the top of their field of expertise who will leave you, as a delegate, brimming with enthusiasm and determined to succeed in your own endeavours.

The event will allow plenty of opportunity for networking, with the return of the branch challenge, a trade exhibition and a fun-filled evening to let your hair down and catch up with friends, old and new, from across the UK.

Booking Details


To book on to this event please download and return this booking form and workshop selection form to Stuart Haynes, RLSS UK, Red Hill House, 227 London Road, Worcester, WR5 2JG by Friday 25 May 2018 or email [email protected]

Alternatively, you can book online by clicking on your preferred package option below:

Please note that if using the online system, a booking fee will apply.

£330 – Single Room for Friday / Saturday

£310(p/p) – Twin Room for Friday / Saturday

£230 – Single Room for Saturday Only

£210 (p/p) – Twin Room for Saturday Only

£165 – Full Weekend without Accommodation

£130 – Saturday / Sunday Day Only (No Dinner)

£100 – Saturday Day + Dinner

£65 – Saturday Day Only, Not including Dinner

£65 – Sunday Day Only

£40 – Saturday Gala Dinner Only

Please read through our event terms and conditions carefully before returning your booking form.

Further information will be updated to this page over the next few months. Please keep checking back!

Saturday 30 June

The National Water Safety Standard

Keynote: The launch of the National Water Safety Standard and the way forward for the Non-Vocational Awards

Non-vocational awards launch RLSS UK have been working hard on the review of the Non-Vocational Awards. This session outlines changes and launches the newly anticipated National Water Safety Standard, a product of the 2017 review. We will also outline a 3 year plan for the senior lifesaving awards.

Introducing the Club 2020 project

Keynote: Introducing the Club 2020 project; improving RLSS UK support to clubs

Introducing the latest element to the MyPage family – MyClub.

This keynote will focus on RLSS UK Club Development Programme, incorporating an overview of the programme and provide the first look at the Lifesaving Club Management Support System.  Members will have the opportunity to view MyClub and should leave the session with a greater understanding of the requirements of the 2020 programme moving forward.


For more details about the Saturday workshops click here

Pool to Pond – No Barriers, No Boundaries

A key note speech to introduce Pool to Pond, a programme designed to support you making the transition from the pool to open water. The course will take participants through a guided introduction to open water, outlining essential information, sharing top tips and teaching some core skills. We will explain who can deliver the programme and how the resources will be made available.’


More details about the AGM coming soon.

Formal Gala Dinner

More details about the Gala Dinner coming soon.

Sunday 1 July

Membership: Setting out the road map

Keynote: Membership: Setting out the roadmap of RLSS UK membership for the future

This year RLSS UK is focusing on its membership offer. In this session, we will be sharing our membership plans for the future, along with ideas to attract new members to support our Drowning Prevention messaging.


For more details about the Sunday workshops click here


Workshop One: Creating the best PR opportunities to promote your activity

PR is an essential tool in the promotion of RLSS UK activity. This course will equip you with the skills needed to help promote the work you are doing and how to gain the attention of the local media.

This session will cover various PR opportunities for promoting your activity including; the benefits of PR, tips on how to engage with the media, how to publicise your activity and guidelines for using social media, creating templates for press releases and advice on how to take the right photograph.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
No, this session is open to all.

Workshop Two: How to make the new Lifesaving Award work for you

In this workshop we’ll explore and introduce you to the National Water Safety Standard in more detail. We’ll be highlighting opportunities and provide tips on how to deliver the skills included in the programme, along with target audiences to ensure you maximise the number of people being taught these vital safety messages.

Participants will gain a clear understanding of the structure and syllabus of the new award.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
No, this session is open to all.

Workshop Three: Speed Dating Challenges for Clubs

After analysis feedback from the RLSS UK Conference 2017 and collecting feedback throughout the year, we’ve concluded that you would like more opportunities to network and interact. This is an opportunity to take part in some structured but informal networking. During this session we will provide a number of discussion topics, allowing you to share your knowledge and tap into the experience and knowledge of others. Included in this session will also be the opportunity to book in some time with staff and trustees. CAKE will be included!

Participants will increase their contacts and networks, whilst gaining knowledge from other individuals in a similar position!

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
No, this session is open to all.

Workshop Four: Social Media for All Levels

There are around 176million new users of social media every year. Whether we love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay and the question shouldn’t be whether or not we do social media but how well we do it. This session will be framed by presenting a social media based initiative following the adventures of the world’s smallest coastguard team which has taken the industry by storm with its innovative and creative way of sharing drowning prevention messages. Kevin Patterson is the person behind this and will present a session on how to increase your social media footprint. The session will split into workshops that are specifically designed to accommodate different levels of understanding. Whether you are looking to set up a social media account or pull together a long-term strategy this session is for you.

Attendees will gain an introduction to social media and how it can be used to their advantage.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
No, this session is open to all.

Workshop Five: Constructing Community Networks and Partnerships

There is strong evidence to support a collaborative approach to impact communities through drowning prevention messages and training. Increasing reach and engagement to the public, no matter of your motivation, can be a crucial opportunity. You don’t have to do this on your own. Case studies and examples from across the UK and Ireland show the impact by building partnership and working together with other interested parties. Such examples include youth groups, schools, The RNLI and the Fire Service. This session looks specifically at some examples of partnership working and the steps that you may take to construct an effective partnership.

Investigate collaboration to achieve a “win win” for you and a potential partner. Explore examples of best practice that gives you the option to consider an approach that works for all.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
No. We welcome everybody on this session.


Workshop One: Youth Development

Youth volunteering has always been at the heart of RLSS UK activities both in giving our youth members an excellent experience as well as raising awareness of the drowning issue amongst those most at risk. In this session we will explore how, through your activity, you can capitalise on the expertise and enthusiasm of our young members ensuring they are part and parcel of the activities that make up society.

Participants will have ideas and tools to help their activity engage with more youth members and volunteers, as well as developing the youth currently engaged.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
No, just an enthusiasm for youth volunteering!

Workshop Two: Branch Sport Officials Course

The officiating pathway aims to provide suitably qualified officials at all levels and variations of #LifesavingSport. The Branch Sports Officials Award is a Core award which all officials will need to complete.

On completion of this award, candidates with the required prerequisites will be able to officiate at speed-based events, open water swims and Rookie Festivals.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
The session is open to all, but to obtain the award you must be aged 16 years + and be in individual membership.

Workshop Three: Accessing Vocational Training

Running a club in a competitive leisure environment is becoming an increasing challenge for us all. If club and local lifesaving is to thrive then it is important for us to think of innovative and different ways to compete. There are some excellent example of this across the UK as clubs have utilised vocational training such as the NPLQ and NVBLQ to supplement and/or improve activity. This session is an honest insight into these opportunities and possible routes to make it work.

Participants will explore different RLSS UK vocational training opportunities, whilst generating ideas of what steps need to be taken to implement vocational programmes. 

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
No, this session is open to all.

Workshop Four: RLSS UK Lifesaving Instructor Tutor Course

The Lifesaving Instructor Tutor qualification will enable you to deliver courses to train the next generation of Lifesaving Instructors for your clubs and branches. This course will provide candidates with all the skills and tools necessary to deliver the Instructor course, as well as outline the steps needed to be signed off following successful completion of the probationary period.

Following the successful completion of this course, candidates will gain Probationary Lifesaving Instructor Tutor status along with access to the tools and resources needed in order to be signed off as a fully qualified Lifesaving Instructor Tutor.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
18 years +. Must hold a Lifesaving Instructor Qualification (must hold a valid RLSS UK Membership and Life Support). Must have taught and assessed at least five Survive & Save award classes, including at least two bronze, two silver and one gold level class. Must have a good record of course administration. This course can accommodate a maximum of 24 delegates on a first-come, first-served basis. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Workshop Four Part A: Life Support Drop-in renewal session

Renew your Life Support 3 at this handy drop in session. No appointment necessary. Pop along after the Lifesaving Instructor Tutor course.

Workshop Five: Open Water Lifeguard (NPLQ bolt-on)

For RLSS UK Pool Lifeguards who hold the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ). This is a six-hour module award that will build on your existing skills and knowledge, preparing your for the open water environment. To cover course resources, there will be an additional fee of £10.50 to attend this session. This session will be held offsite at nearby lake and a full equipment list will be sent before the event takes place.

Open Water Lifeguard Qualification

Are there any prerequisites to attend this session?
You must hold a current NPLQ to complete this course. This session can accommodate a maximum of 24 participants and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Terms and Conditions



Programme Information is correct at the time of going to print and is subject to change.

Event Information

RLSS UK Conference (Single and Twin) This will include entrance to the RLSS UK Conference on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, food and entertainment on Saturday evening and accommodation for the Saturday night only.


Accommodation will be provided for the Saturday only unless a request has been made for an additional night. Please contact the Event Manager to add any extra nights on to your weekend.


All requests for bookings to be paid through centralised banking must be approved by the branch chair. Payment for all places must be arranged at the time of booking with payment made before the event takes place.


The Event Organiser must be informed of any cancellations no less than 28 days prior to the event taking place. Any cancellations that fall within 28 days of the event will not be eligible for a refund.

Booking Deadline

Bookings are on a first come, first served basis and must be received by Friday 25 May 2018.

Car Parking

Car parking is free of charge for all attendees.


By attending the RLSS UK Conference you agree to the possibility of having your photo taken which may be shared for any RLSS UK media. If you do not wish for your picture to be taken, please let a member of staff know.


At the time of booking, you are responsible for letting the Event Manager know of any dietary requirements / allergies. RLSS UK does not take any responsibility for your consumption of food/drink where prior notification has not been provided. A set menu may be provided at certain points throughout the event. If you are concerned about the choices that may be provided you must contact the Event Manager no less than two weeks before the event.


Travel arrangements cannot be made by RLSS UK. This includes the booking of flights, trains, taxis or hire cars.

Branch Challange


In conjunction with our Conference, the branch challenge showcase will also be returning and we’re asking you once again to shout about how great your branch is!

In light of the launch of our new Non-Vocational awards and the Club 2020 project, we would like you to share a new activity that has been going on in your branch. This could be a new activity for your members, a new way to raise funds or a new way to reach out in your community. Whatever the activity, we’d like to hear about what you’ve learnt!

Please send your submission with the following details and a maximum of 3 photographs to: [email protected] by Thursday 31 May to be included in this year’s showcase:

  • Branch name
  • Club / Group name
  • Your new activity
  • What you’ve learnt from your activity


The winner of the challenge will be announced at this year’s conference and will also win a QCPR upgrade kit for their branch.

2017 Recap

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended our RLSS UK Conference.

We hope you all found the weekend informative and fun!


We will be announcing details for the 2018 Conference very soon.

You can view a selection of the photos from the event below!