NPLQ Generation 9


As the UK and Ireland’s market leader in aquatic qualifications we are committed to ensure everyone has access to the very best pool lifeguard training to keep customers safe.  The changing landscape within the leisure sector such as the evolution of modern technologies, the introduction of the CIMSPA professional standard for Lifeguards, increased requirements for first aid treatments and the implications of the revised HSG 179 guidance published earlier this year all have an impact on helping to keep swimming pools safe.

  1. AED basic training and assessment in every qualification
  2. First Aid content which mirrors the content of a First Aid at Work qualification
  3. New anaphylaxis management available as a bolt-on regulated qualification
  4. More flexible assessment options and new assessment strategy with multiple choice questions for theory assessment
  5. New simple, easy to use guidance for Trainer Assessors with:
    Clear guidance on skills required to pass each assessment criteria
    Candidate and casualty briefs and details to set up each assessment section
  6. Electronic candidate resource option for those candidate that want to use a device
  7. Electronic certificate for all candidates
  8. Integration of information about technology systems to support Lifeguards working in swimming pools that use technology
  9. Approved Training Centres/Providers will now receive copies of candidate’s certificate for personnel records

RLSS UK Trainer Assessors will be able to deliver the most up to date pool lifeguard qualification and gain access to a revised suite of excellent training materials once they have completed an online update – unlike previous updates there is no requirement to attend face to face sessions. Trainer Assessors will be able to do this update via your RLSS Direct account from 9.09am on 9 July.

Attendees of the IQL UK Conference on 29 June at Jurys Inn Hinckley Island will have the opportunity to complete a TA update at the event at no extra cost and 9 days before the launch– for more information and to book your place click here.

As NPLQ Generation 9 content includes basic training and assessment of AED Trainer Assessors will require access to training AEDs. These can be purchased from RLSS Direct and IQL UK recommend 1 training AED per 4 candidates.

Approved Training Centres/Providers can exchange NPLQ 8th edition assessment report forms until Tuesday 9 October 2018.

Friday 29 June 2018

  • NPLQ Generation 9 pre-launch at IQL UK Conference
    Opportunity for attendees to complete a TA update (included in the price of the conference)


Monday 9 July 2018

  • Online TA update available from 09:09, login to your RLSS Direct account to complete the update
  • Sales of NPLQ Generation 9 candidate packs will be available from RLSS Direct


Monday 9 July – Tuesday 9 October 2018

  • You can return NPLQ 8th Edition assessment report forms to RLSS Direct to exchange for NPLQ Generation 9 assessment report forms.


September – November 2018

  • Free IQL Face 2 Face Forums delivered in 24 locations across the UK and Ireland with NPLQ Generation 9 as the focus (dates to be released soon).


Tuesday 1 January 2019

  • NPLQ TAs that have not completed the NPLQ Generation 9 TA update will no longer be qualified to deliver NPLQ.
  • Only Generation 9 version of NPLQ can be delivered.
  • RLSS Direct will only sell NPLQ Generation 9 candidate packs.


Please do not hesitate to call on 0300 3230096 or e-mail [email protected] if you require any assistance.

Will Multiple Choice Questions replace the verbal questions?


What basic AED training is included in the new NPLQ and what does that mean for candidates and Trainer Assessors?

Within the revised version of the NPLQ there will be basic training on the use of the AED. This will include how to turn an AED on and how to follow the instructions in an emergency situation, candidates will not receive an AED qualification.

If candidates wish to receive an AED qualification they will need to complete the 1.5 hour (minimum) bolt on for AED. The AED bolt on must be delivered by an AED TA.

I am not an AED TA can I deliver NPLQ generation 9?

Yes, once you have completed the NPLQ Generation 9 TA update you will be able to train candidates on the basic use of an AED for NPLQ Generation 9 courses. The new assessment for CPR will include the basic use of an AED.

If you want to become a AED TA and deliver the AED bolt on you will be required to attend an AED TA Course (you can join any TA course for day 3).

I am a Probationary Trainer Assessor (PTA) and have just completed my TA course, do I need to complete the NPLQ Generation 9 TA update?

Yes, all PTAs that have completed a TA course with NPLQ Specialism (8th Edition) will need to complete the NPLQ Generation 9 TA update. If you have completed your TA course and NPLQ specialism (8th Edition) after 9th April 2018 your update will be free of charge.

Do both the Trainer and Assessor need to have completed the NPLQ Generation 9 TA update?

Yes, as with all courses, certificate of authorities should be checked to confirm this prior to the course delivery/assessment.

The communication says that the new NPLQ Generation 9 update mirrors the content of First Aid at Work(FAW), does this mean that all candidates will receive a FAW certificate?

For candidate to be awarded a FAW or EFAW certificate the following must be followed:

  • TA for the NPLQ course must be a RLSS UK TA First Aid Specialism
  • Additional hours the assessment of FAW will need to be added to the NPLQ course

I would like my employer/company to pay for my update, how do I arrange to be invoiced for the update? 

if you would like to pay for your/other TA’s Generation 9 TA update by Purchase Order please send an Official Purchase Order to RLSS Direct [email protected] made payable to RLSS Direct with the following information detailed;

  • A list of Trainer Assessors with full names and society numbers
  • £32.50 for each Trainer Assessor with product code TAU-312


Once received RLSS Direct will arrange for an invoice to be sent and for the update fee to be removed from the update platform, enabling all Trainer Assessors to complete the update without making payment online. Each TA will receive notification by email that payment has been made for their Generation 9 Update.