You need a current NWSMP award to help you and others stay safe around water and this unique qualification from RLSS UK is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Refresh your water safety knowledge and extend the validity of your award for a further two years.

Modules you can renew

  • Level 1 Water Safety Awareness
  • Level 2 Beach
  • Level 2 River
  • Level 2 Still Water
  • Level 3 In-Water Rescue

How to renew

If you would like to renew up to Level 2

I.e. Renewing Level 1 and one or more Level 2 modules.

Renew via NWSMP Renewal E-packs purchased from

NWSMP Renewal E-packs include multiple choice questions (plus Level 2 Renewal E-packs include a Control Measure exercise and a Risk Assessment exercise).

More information on the E-packs can be found below.

If you would like to renew up to Level 3

Renew by attending a NWSMP Renewal Workshop.

The NWSMP Renewal Workshop price and arrangements includes two key elements:

  • Workshop preparation (Level 1 and Level 2 NWSMP Renewal E-Packs; Level 3 revision). Instructor e-mails chosen E-Packs to candidate in advance of the workshop (asking candidate to complete the E-Packs and return them via e-mail in advance of the workshop).
  • The workshop itself (where Level 3 assessment will take place)

Renewal E-Packs

Renewal E-Pack Prices:

Level 1  Water Safety Awareness = £13.75

Level 2 Beach = £2.75

Level 2 River = £2.75

Level 2 Still Water = £2.75

Level 3 In Water Rescue = £5.50

If you are renewing a Level 2 Module, purchase and renewal of Level 1 Module is mandatory.

Link includes information for organisations who would like to purchase NWSMP Renewals on behalf of employees/ volunteers.

  • Your purchased E-Packs will be e-mailed to you
  • Please work through questions and return completed E-Packs to [email protected]
  • To gain maximum value from this renewal exercise, please refer back to your NWSMP Candidate Resources and use the information to support your answers
  • On receipt of your answers, the NWSMP team will review and e-mail your results (pass mark for each module is 80 per cent)

Click here to order and complete an E-Pack for each of the modules you would like to renew.


If you can’t find a suitable workshop online, please contact the NWSMP team


If you would like to arrange a group workshop for your organisation, please contact the NWSMP team who will be able to put you in touch with NWSMP Instructors.

Click here to visit RLSS UK Course Finder to find and book onto a NWSMP Renewal Workshop

Contact the NWSMP team on 01789 774490 or email [email protected]