FAQ’s – What is NWSMP?

24 April 2017

What is NWSMP?

The National Water Safety Management Programme – a set of modules designed to meet civil and statutory safety management obligations of employers of all people who work near, on, in or around open water and especially those with supervisory responsibility.

What is the course duration and cost?

Level 1- Dry Based, i.e. don’t actually get in the water

Level 2- Split into 3 different environments: Beach, River and Still water, low level water activity, e.g. rock pooling, pond dipping.

Level 3 –In Water Rescue aimed at PROGRAMMED activities, e.g. canoeing, kayaking. Practiced in the water and involves being able to do a 30m contact rescue and a 15m contact tow

How long does the certificate last for?

2 Years

How do I renew the qualification?

You must renew prior to the expiry date. The renewal pack can be downloaded from the NWSMP Resources section of the RLSS Direct website and payment made to RLSS Directly. Simply complete the renewal questionnaire and email to RLSS to be marked. Candidates must achieve 80% or more to pass. A new certificate will then be issued. Alternatively, a candidate can renew all three levels with an instructor – please visit the course finder section of the RLSS website http://rlsscourses.org.uk/ to find and book a course nearest to you.

How do I become an instructor?

You will need to complete an Instructor course; course duration is 4 days:

  • 2 days to do the Levels 1-3
  • 2 days to do the instructor orientation course

How do I book an Instructor course?

To book an Instructor Course, please visit the course finder section of the RLSS website http://rlsscourses.org.uk/.

If there are no courses in your area, please contact Vivienne Hill Tel. No. 01789 338408 or email [email protected] as we can deliver Instructor courses for your organisation.

I am a NWSMP Instructor but my NWSMP Programme qualification has expired can I still deliver NWSMP?

Yes you can, provided you have a current Life Support 3 or equivalent qualification.