Adopt a School - RLSS UKAn education project designed to increase young people’s awareness of water safety

Could you organise two meetings per year with your local school’s head teacher to help children learn about water safety?

What is Adopt A School?

Adopting a school is easy, it takes very little of your time, it will help hundreds of children to learn about water safety, and it may even save a child’s life. Ultimately the aim of Adopt a School is to support and encourage schools to run water safety activities.

By adopting a school you volunteer to arrange at least two meetings with your local school’s head teacher. The first meeting is to explain how the school can access all of RLSS UK’s free water safety school resources, and the second meeting is at the end of the year to find out what activities the school has taken part in.

Of course, if you want to do more to support the school in delivering water safety, you can agree with the head teacher how you will help the school. Helping to deliver the activities is fun and rewarding.

Why is water safety education so important?

Around 400 people drown in the UK every year and thousands more suffer injury, some life-changing, through near-drowning experiences. That’s one drowning every 20 hours and represents more people than lose their lives in road traffic accidents or domestic house fires.

The challenge is to prevent unnecessary drowning continuing as 48 drownings were recorded during a tragic summer period in 2016.

Water safety education delivered through schools helps children to understand the dangers around water, make better decisions about their own safety, and know what to do in an emergency. The more children we can educate, the fewer drownings there will be.

Volunteering for RLSS UK is an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you volunteer for two hours or 200 hours per year, you know that every minute that you spend supporting water safety education is contributing to reducing drownings in the UK and saving lives.

Many of our volunteers even get to find out how someone they have helped to educate has saved themselves or someone else.

The Details

We have a great range of water safety resources for use in schools and in youth groups. Teachers or leaders are encouraged to use these themselves, or an RLSS UK volunteer can deliver for the school.

The biggest challenge we have is getting the message into schools, to let them know that these resources are available, and this is where you can help us.

By adopting a school you (working with anyone else who also wants to adopt the school) are the friendly face of RLSS UK, making an appointment to meet with the head teacher and helping them to understand the host of free resources available. We’ll provide you with all the information that you’ll need for this meeting.

What do you need?

No experience is necessary, just lots of enthusiasm and willingness to support a cause that saves lives. It is an advantage if you have existing contacts with local schools (like if your children attend them), but if you don’t that’s not a problem as we encourage volunteers to choose a school close to home or work so it’s easy for you to call in.

Finally, it’s really important to us to know how many children receive water safety education each year, so we can access funding and set ambitious targets to teach more children the following year. Following activity, we will ask you to have another meeting with the head teacher to find out what activities they have completed.

“I love volunteering for RLSS UK, always have. Such a friendly organisation.”

“It is great to have the opportunity to inspire young people to learn essential lifesaving skills.”

“Enabled and educated lots of people how to stay safe and be able to safely assist others, very rewarding.”

“Volunteering has helped me to develop leadership, consistency, reliability and organisational skills.”